Olympic Men's Road Race - Sans Vaches

We were promised cows...

  1. APS Axa went out cow scouting and found these lovely Highland Cattle. Naturally we were excited.
  2. @lesvachesdutour Here they are. As I went to take this photo about 20 Olympic cyclists & some team cars passed by!
    @lesvachesdutour Here they are. As I went to take this photo about 20 Olympic cyclists & some team cars passed by!
  3. As the Road Race started, we realised that the couch peloton was split. Some were being bounced off to other events by their local broadcasters. Others were coming to terms with non-TdF commentators.
  4. RT @lesvachesdutour: What did @PhilLiggett do with @PaulSherwen? They were both scouting the course yesterday...? [ir] and where's Keenan?
  5. I am missing @PaulSherwen 's dulcet tones on @NBCSports streaming #Olympic coverage. WHo will tell me how old the riders are?
  6. How will I know when someone digs deep into their suitcase? When someone is dishing out the pain? #IMissPaulSherwen #Olympic #RoadRace
  7. @lesvachesdutour waiting for the announcement of Peter Sagan's age... It seems to have slipped my mind over the past couple of days.... ;)
  8. @lesvachesdutour Just fell on my bum - the Flemish commentators said "Nibali" properly. What weird universe am I in?
  9. Horrible coverage here too. I feel silly being out of the LOOp on #Olympic #RoadRace #NaturalBreaks
  10. @JASON_BARIS is it streaming online? (the coverage, not the nature breaks)
  11. If #swimming fans were more like #roadrace fans, they would be right in the water, patting the swimmers on the ass! #Olympics #Fans
  12. Just as we were settling into the rhythm of "not-TdF", we had a very TdF canine intruder.
  13. Hopefully not a 50kg black dawg .. Nah. Still stupid though.
  14. @lesvachesdutour Obviously Phil Gil's black dog has travel documents like Cowdell & Chiara's Molly
  15. Pyrenean mountain dog in Kingston on Mens' RR - Drink #sbstdf
  16. Our coverage had half of Sherliggett, which might account for fewer #SherLiggettism-s. Fewer. Not none.
  17. @MarkCavendish had a "bowlful of courage" to counter "the weight of a nation" for brekkie! I really do love @PaulSherwen #RoadRace #Olympics
  18. @kvanders @SherLiggettisms Well, there's only been a 'corridor of noise' so far. Without Paul Phil is a bit under the pump. #LOLympics
  19. We missed a lot about the SBS coverage - including decent on-screen information. 
  20. If you're out on the course watching the race, feel free to tweet the time gap as TV viewers aren't getting it very often.
  21. Totes agree!! RT @saddleblaze Odd having no time gaps. Would the BBC show swimming or athletics without any timings at the end of each heat?
  22. Where is Gabriel Gate's recipe for jellied eels out the back of Spitalfields tonight? Gore blimey guv, would you adam and eve it? #sbsTDF
  23. New appreciation for Tour de France broadcast now that I'm watching the Olympic road race. No splits,rider or distance info.Hard to follow
  24. And we tried to rally Team Vaches as a way of overcoming the absence of race radio for the riders.
  25. Hey, @snarkle, if you're on the RR course on the Box Hill loop can you let Stuey know that he should wait for Mick? Ta. [ir]
  26. I am at a loss to explain Roger's tactics. Looks like the sort of thing that happens when you race with radios all the time.
  27. We mightn't have gotten the result we wanted, but we did get some on-the-course updates and photos.
  28. And tonight? The women!
  29. something to remember before the women's RR & I say this w great authority, b/c I'm a doctor: female cyclists are not male cyclists w boobs