#Nanojam 2.0 Chaos @PAXAus 2016

Witness @jasonimms, @MaizeWallin, @AlaynaMCole, @tha_rami, @krisstraub, @leonieyue & the audience jam all the game ideas in quick succession. Let's throw caution to the wind.

  1. First up, do follow @jasonimms, @MaizeWallin, @AlaynaMCole, @tha_rami & @krisstraub

    on twitter!

  2. Direct time stamped link to stream:  https://www.twitch.tv/pax2/v/98857502?t=02h46m18s  (kudos: @zombubzilla)
  3. See the full Games Week blog post here:  http://blog.leonieyue.com/2016/11/migw16.html 
  4. Okay so here goes the silly Nanojam shenanigans:

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