Kitchen Trends To Follow in 2017

Just like with every New Year, 2017 is going to bring change.


  1. While this change may look different for everyone, there are some trends that we have seen rising when it comes to home design, more specifically, kitchen design. And unless you want to be behind the times, now is the time to start thinking about how you can plan your next renovation project to be up-to-date and in tune with the latest styles. Granted, by renovation, we don’t necessarily mean gutting your entire kitchen and starting from scratch. However, there are a few ways that you can make changes, and we’ll address them in this article to help keep you in line with times.
  2. One of the first trends that you will see rising in 2017 are darker floors. Darker floors add in a sense of luxury and elegance to a kitchen that will impress even the most posh of guests. And the best pairing with the darker floors are light walls and cabinets. In fact, one of the most popular combinations is soft gray walls, white cabinets, and dark floors. Add in some wood accents around the room, and stainless steel appliances, and you have a recipe for success.

  3. Another popular trend that you'll see rising are greige kitchens. Greige is combination of beige and gray with blue undertones. This combination gives the kitchen a soft elegance, while adding in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. In fact a very popular way greige is being introduced to kitchens is by painting a majority of the walls beige, but then adding a textured faux brick wall panel, with soft gray and blue undertones. By adding in this faux stone panel, you bring in texture and elegance to the kitchen while staying in line with the greige theme.
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  5. Tiled floors are starting to make a comeback in kitchens. People are often times finding that they want to add texture and design to their floors. And if this were any other room in the house, a carpet would do the trick. However, that simply isn’t practical for an area like the kitchen. So, tiles with intricate designs are slowly creeping their way back into floor design in 2017.

    Wood finishes, such as cypress, on cabinets, islands, and kitchen stairs are starting to see a lot of action in 2017. This reclaimed look adds in a rustic feel that gives any kitchen an instant homey feel. Finish this look off with off-white countertops, and dark wood embellishes, and you’ll have a kitchen of envy.

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  7. Another unique element that is making its way into kitchens in 2017 are black appliances. While stainless steel has seen more than its fair share of glory days, a giant piece of metal can quickly eat up a room. That’s why appliance manufactures have started to switch their attention to creating black finished appliances, which give a smooth, sleek, and sophisticated feel to any kitchen.

    If The Beatles weren’t already enough of a British influence on America, English inspired spot cutouts and painted wooden knobs are starting to trend in American kitchens in 2017. These are an easy element to add, and can be fairy inexpensive because all you’d need to do, is make the cutouts yourself, or simply just replace a few of your cabinet drawers. And of course, nothing is simpler that painting a few wooden knobs to finish of this “across the pond” inspired look.
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  9. No matter which trend you decide to adopt in 2017, we can for certain there is a lot of promise for kitchens coming down the pike. You just need to decide which trend you love the most, and start your kitchen’s transformation today!