Live-tweeting the IACHR report on #MMIW

I read the whole report and you get what I took out


  1. First off, let's begin with the executive summary. All the info here will be repeated later, of course. I've cut out a few tweets, that fit better later anyways.
    And let's be real - depending on your knowledge level with respect to these issues, nothing here will be a surprise. The point is to have it all in one place. And the point, for me, is to serve as a witness, to do the very least I can possibly do.
  2. It's lucky we even know that, because:
  3. The executive summary tells us things that don't surprise anyone.
  4. How did they fail? Well, let's count the ways.
  5. That was a lot of ways.
    But it's not just a police issue. There are much, much older root causes.
  6. So those are problems. But is a police failure really State discrimination?
  7. So, yes. Police failure is a known thing when we talk about international human rights law and discrimination. It's relatively known how to address.

    But enough of bland theory. Let's get back to the stats.