Novaform Mattress: A Review

In this article we examine and review Novaform's Plush and Firm Mattresses....


  1. Novaform Mattress - Which is the best type for you?
  2. Novaform Mattress: A review

    Novaform have quickly become one of the most popular memory foam mattress brands in the market. In this article we look at why this is the case and what features make Novaform stand out from the competition. We will specifically analyse the Plush and Firm mattress categories in this piece and investigate the characterises that make them one of the leading mattress brand across the whole country.

    Three to five layers make up a Novaform Mattress. These are (from top to bottom): memory foam, support foam, and base foam. Each of these layers has been designed with a specific purpose in mind. The top layer(s) constructed of memory foam is primarily designed for comfort; the middle layer is designed to provide personalised support, and the bottom (base) layer is designed to provide maximum stability. In addition to this, all layers are fully breathable, which is something vital to achieving undisturbed rest. When you combine all of this you get a triumvirate of layers that is there for one reason and one reason alone: to assist you in having a comfortable, cool, happy and healthy nights sleep. Regardless of whether you prefer a plush, medium or firm mattress, Novaform has many models to choose from, and within these three categories there are five ratings: soft, medium-soft, medium, medium-firm and firm, so it is almost impossible to come away without finding the right mattress for you.
  3. Novaform Mattresses: Plush

    Within this category there are two choices: Altabella and Novaform Plus.

    The Altabella: This model is 14” thick and has been designed to provide soft cradling support and comfort. It is constructed from four layers, which are as follows (from top to bottom): 1” Ultrasoft Memory Foam, 2” Gel-Memory Foam, 3.5” FlexTech Air Channel Foam and a 7.5” layer of Base Foam. It has a ’soft’ rating.

    The NovaForm Plush: This is a 12” model which is comprised of three layers: A 3” Ultrasoft Memory Foam layer, followed by a 3” FlexTech Air Channel Foam layer, which sit on top of 6” of Base Foam. It has a rating of medium-soft.

    Both of these models were designed to reduce tossing and turning; to keep you at the optimal temperature; to support your bodyweight by evenly distributing your weight; to hold its shape over time; promote correct and natural spine alignment; promote better circulation and reduce the impact of others sleeping in the bed.
  4. Looking to buy a Novaform Mattress?
    Looking to buy a Novaform Mattress?

  5. Novaform Mattresses: Firm

    There is one mattress in the ‘Firm’ category and that is the Novaform Firm, which was designed purely to provide firm support. Whenever the word ‘firm’ is mentioned in relation to mattresses people will often think of them being hard and stiff, but this mattress is anything but. Despite its firm rating it is exceptionally comfortable.

    Novaform Firm: A three layer 12” mattress that consists of: 1” of FlexTech Foam and 1” of UltraSoft Foam, both of which sit on 10” of Base Foam. This firm mattress can help to reduce pressure points by evenly distributing body weight, and can also reduce body transfer to enable others in the bed to remain undisturbed. It was designed to hold it’s shape without needing to be flipped.

    All mattresses come with hypoallergenic foam and 20-year guarantee, which exemplifies the confidence Novaform have in their range of products.

    If you are considering purchasing a memory foam mattress then you’d be hard-pressed to find a better product in terms of comfort, reliability, durability and longevity than a Novaform mattress. If you’d like further information them then please head over to: for more information.

    Thanks for reading. I hope you find the mattress you are looking for!