#TCLobster mini-season off and running

It's the thrill of the hunt. The thrill of the chase. The lure of the open water. Recreational fishermen took to the waters of the Treasure Coast beginning at 12:01 a.m., Wednesday, July 24.

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  1. A rainy evening before didn't stop lobster hunters from diving right in while the rest of us slumbered and could only dream of spiny lobsters. Would the rain help or hurt the hunt?
  2. Sleep. Who needs sleep? Not the dedicated divers or TCPalm's outdoor writer Ed Killer (@TCPalmEKiller).
  3. Regina Kelson of West Palm Beach and the crew aboard the Crustacean Frustration (about sums up fishing on days) and her crew headed out at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday for dinner on the water and time to hang out and wait for that magical moment. That waiting paid off. They ended up with 23 "bugs" aka spiny lobsters, a Spanish lobster and a lionfish.
  4. Early-bird divers could not wait to show off their catches. Some divers reported poor visibility in places, and others said once they got closer to the bottom of the ocean floor that their sight improved. It's all about the hunt, and that eventually equals bragging rights ... at least for this mini-season.
  5. #TCLobster catch (28) for Jensen Beach divers Albert Kellett, Ed Flerx & Don Wilks off Peck Lake  http://instagram.com/p/cJEd4ZqHAk/ qHAk/
  6. Rob Mollet, PSL, & John Stetson, Stuart with their two best #TCLobster off Kingfish Hole  http://instagram.com/p/cJGHETKHBi/ KHBi/
  7. And, of course, if a diver didn't strike lobster gold in the wee hours, sunrise offered another chance.
  8. @TCPalm's Sam Wolfe was among those clamoring for a pre-dawn launch.
  9. As the sun rose over the Atlantic, Dennis Heald and Tom Conti paddled out of Bathtub Reef Beach in a kayak. The means of transportation didn't matter. It was about the bug hunt.