What others are saying about the Sioux City Journal's April 22 front page

The Sioux City Journal is receiving national attention for its April 22 front page which was completely devoted to an anti-bullying editorial. Check out the page, editorial and reaction in this Storify.

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  1. Sioux City Journal Front Page, April 22, 2012

  2. Sioux City Journal Editorial:
  3. Reaction:
  4. This image is a screenshot from this morning's (4/23) Yahoo! homepage with the story featured front and center. A link to the article is below the image.
  5. Reaction from other media:
  6. Reaction from people posting on Facebook:
  7. Thank you Sioux City Journal. Thank you.
  8. Iowa newspaper with guts. No, it's not the one you think.
  9. Big props to the Sioux City Journal