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Pokemon White Version 2 English ROM Download (U) NDSi Online

Pokemon White Version 2 is the newest and best Pokemon game in the series, all fans of the Pokemon franchise should experience this game, with some 300 Pokemon to catch and train in this game you will spend tons of hours playing this gem of a RPG.


  1. Pokemon White Version 2 English ROM Download (U) NDSi

    Pokemon White 2 I feel is the best Pokemon edition to date, first off the graphics are sweet, they make perfect use of the Pokemon universe with the cell shaded type art style. Pokemon White 2 takes place two years after the events in the first Pokemon White game, but this time around there is an all new main character and also new enemies and gym leaders to do battle with. Plus there are many new Pokemon in this game that were not in the first, many are familiar faces from previous Pokemon games that I think fans will be happy to see again.

    You don't need to have played the first Pokemon White game to enjoy this version 2, it would help a tiny bit with being able to connect a couple references to the first game, but aside from that you should be fine. One great advancement over the first game is the side quest or extra content outside of the main story, in this game there is much more to do once your finished with the regular story. My favorite new feature is the PokéStar Studios, where your Pokemon get to act in their own films. Then there is the Pokemon World Tournament, where players get to battle through every gym leader in Pokemon history! Also there is a nice little achievement system in this game, which is a first for the Pokemon franchise.

    If you love the Pokemon games or are even just a big JRPG fan, then this game is a must play, it's full of an insane amount of content that will keep you playing for a while to come.

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