Donald Trumps the Second Republican Debate With His Antics

CNN Republican Debate 9/16/2015


  1. The second Republican Debate took place at 8 PM EST on September 16th, 2015, and viewers were anxiously awaiting for the deliberation to begin. This year was especially buzzworthy due to Donald Trump's eccentric, outspoken behavior. Many of his comments involved insults directed towards the other 11 candidates, including Carly Fiorina's face and Jeb Bush's family.
  2. Trivia night trumped (no pun intended) the GOP debate. Luckily...CNN podcasts to the rescue. #Politics #CNNdebate
    Trivia night trumped (no pun intended) the GOP debate. Luckily...CNN podcasts to the rescue. #Politics #CNNdebate
  3. First, the 11 candidates took a moment to re-introduce themselves.
  4. Trump and Fiorina, who previously exchanged some harsh public words, were up first with some tough questions about whether she would trust him with nuclear codes (the answer was no). Later in the night, tension escalated between the two when moderators reminded Trump that he insulted Fiorina's appearance. Fiorina handled it with grace stating, "I think women all over the country heard what Trump said."
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  6. Trump, clearly flustered, attempted to retract his statements with a half-hearted apology, stating, "I think she has a very beautiful face, and she's a beautiful woman." Crickets ensued.
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  8. That was not the last time Trump's words came back to haunt him after this deleted tweet was brought up by moderators, which makes it clear on his stance of illegal immigration.
  9. From there, Bush suggested that Trump owe his wife and family an apology. Trump being Trump, declined and moved on, going on to say the following (very questionable statement):
  10. Later in the night, Chris Christie brought the debate back on track, getting fed up with everyone speaking of themselves and their personal careers. Ahem, looking at YOU, Mr. Trump. You go, Governor of NJ! Sweat it out!
  11. I'm so glad I recorded this debate! Preach it #chrischristie !!!
  12. By the end of the three hour debate, tensions were high and an icebreaker question was thrown in to try to alleviate some of the drama, such as "What woman would you put on the face of the ten dollar bill?" Mike Huckabee wants to put his wife on it. Hmmm...
  13. I'm with #chrischristie #gopdebate #adamsfamily #morticiaaddams #tendollarbill
    I'm with #chrischristie #gopdebate #adamsfamily #morticiaaddams #tendollarbill
  14. Shockingly, Trump had some pleasant parting words for viewers at the conclusion of the night.
  15. Only time will tell if the brash Mr. Trump will make it into the next round. Stay tuned!