To lead, "live compassionately." - #LeaderShapeChat - 02.28.2017

Here at LeaderShape, we want to live in possibility and then by doing so, lead others to do the same. To lead, live. Our monthly Twitter chats are rooted in this belief. On February 28, we invited members of our Twitter community to join us for a #LeaderShapeChat about compassion and self-care!


  1. The theme of this month's #LeaderShapeChat was "to lead, live compassionately."

  2. We began this month's #LeaderShapeChat by sharing one act of self-care we completed for the day.

  3. For the first question of the evening, we wanted to know - why does compassionate leadership matter?

  4. A great question to reflect on - how do we listen compassionately?

  5. Speaking of behaviours like active listening, what other tools and behaviors can remind us to practice compassion?