To Lead, Live & Practice Self-Care

We want to live in possibility and then by doing so, lead others to do the same - "to lead, live". Each month, we host a Twitter chat that exemplifies this belief. On September 21st, we encouraged members of our community to join us for two sessions of a #LeaderShapeChat about practicing self-care!


  1. Did you know that September is National Self Care Awareness month? We wanted to celebrate by having our two sessions of #LeaderShapeChat focus on the topic of practicing self-care.

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  3. We kicked off our September Twitter Chat with a reflection on what happens to our thinking when self care takes a backseat.

  4. Next, we learned of ways to prioritize self care as a habit.

  5. We then asked for words of encouragement about practicing self care.

  6. Favorite self care activities. 3...2...1...Go!

  7. We wrapped up #LeaderShapeChat with asking our community to share a statement they use to practice self care.

  8. From the words of Voltaire, "We must cultivate our own garden." Self care is a topic where we remind ourselves to take care of ourselves. One of the best lessons, I have learned from the road is that, "we cannot help others before we help ourselves." Practicing self care is not selfish, nor does it know no boundaries. Anyone and everyone, from CEOs to college students, can make small changes in their life to make self care be part of their daily routine.