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Doctor Who and Culture lecture at Cal Poly Pomona

As part of the Cal Poly Pomona library's celebration of National Library Week 2014, Rosanne Welch, professor of Interdisciplinary General Education, gave a lunchtime lecture on "Dr. Who and Culture" on Wednesday, April 16.


  1. The long-running British science-fiction drama focuses on the Doctor, an (effectively) immortal time traveling alien whose adventures take him from the Big Bang to the (literal and figurative) ends of the universe, with lots of stops in England and Wales along the way.
  2. The 50-year-old series is more popular than ever, thanks in large part to a 2005 relaunch and the show now being broadcast on BBC America.
  3. The relaunch, and its exploding popularity in America, has some worried that the show will chase big ratings and sex appeal.
  4. Welch, who's written on race in "Doctor Who," says the series does better than American television counterparts on race, gender and depiction of gay characters.
  5. The depiction of women on "Doctor Who" has been more of a mixed bag, she said, with the companions having overtly romantic interest in the Doctor since the reboot and being almost uniformly attractive, young and female.