Square Head Competition

In December 2011, Southampton players Jos Hooiveld and Richard Chaplow came up with the idea for the squarehead competition. The competition was a culmination of months of Twitter banter between Hooiveld, Chaplow, fellow players Steve de Ridder, Adam Lallana, Jack Cork plus loads of Saints fans.


  1. The following exchange got the ball rolling in the first place:

  2. Hooiveld picked up the challenge:

  3. Quickly the hashtag #squareheadcompetition spread and a video emerged

  4. It even found it's way to fans websites:

  5. Entries came thick and fast for the competiton and certain themes could be seen - some are presented below. This is by no means an exhaustive list! There were plenty more entries than the ones gathered here, but it was impossible to present them all!

  6. Jos had a busy few days flying around the planet: