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11 Memories from Buddy Media 2011

2011 was a huge year for Buddy Media. It was a huge year for me personally and professionally as well. Here are some of my top memories from the year.


  1. 11) What would 2011 be without Cycle for Survival. We kicked off the year raising money for Cycle. And we'll never forget Jen's passing this summer.

  2. Buddy Media at Cycle For Survival 2011
  3. 10) Buddy of the Year: Joe Ciarallo!

  4. 9) The world's airports will never be the same!

  5. 8) Buddy Media takes over LeWeb 2011!

  6. 7) Buddy Media takes home the 2011 Crunchie for BEST ENTERPRISE APP!

  7. Buddy Media wins "Best Enterprise" at TechCrunch's 4th Annual Crunchies Awards
  8. 6) Buddy Media brings the graffiti to ad:tech London!

  9. Graffiti Life & Buddy Media at ad:tech 2011
  10. 5) Sir Martin talks Buddy Media at Stream Asia 2011

  11. Martin Sorrell Discusses Buddy Media at WPP Stream Asia 2011
  12. 4) This video sums up the entire year.

  13. Buddy Media's "2011 In Review"
  14. 3) Kass fills the office with 5000 balloons to celebrate 4 years!