1. The event started at 1 PM in the AUC Library room 1021 on the 9th of November
  2. Dr. Zaalouk started by talking about the importance of mentorship
  3. She then spoke about how sometimes the youth is more knowledgable than the elder because they are more advanced technologically
  4. As it was an interactive workshop, Dr. Zaalouk passed around papers for each to share the traits that they think their mentors should have.
  5. Dr. Malak continued by giving advices and answering the questions each answered on their own
  6. We then saw a video that showed acted out situations between a boss and their employee, and were given another paper that let us comment about each situation, and wether we think it was a good situation or not. It was really very interesting.
  7. One think Dr. Zaalouk stressed, was that to be a good mentor you have to practice it as if you're going to the GYM to build your muscle.
  8. The event ended and it was a great success!