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11 Ways To Blow Up Pro Lacrosse on Television

Following the illuminating sticks conversation, we bring you 11 unique ways to increase the exposure of lacrosse on television. Main question tackled here: What tactics could the MLL use to attract new fans during games on ESPN?


  1. 1. Glowing Sticks on ESPN

  2. 2. Illuminate the Ball instead

  3. "Wouldn't it be easier to illuminate the ball? NHL did it with the puck one year. I liked it."
    - Ned Dibble on Facebook
  4. 3. Add overhead wire cameras on field

  5. 4. Put a vertical circle around the player with ball

  6. "Why not just have a virtual circle on the ground of the guy with the
    ball, like in video games? Seriously, its not always easy to track the
    ball for the beginner, but most anybody, with an IQ over say 80, can
    quickly learn the skill."

    - Dean Johnson on Facebook
  7. 5. Show a goal matrix or path of ball

  8. "If they are eager to employ advanced technologies to lacrosse, how about showing a "goal matrix", like they have for pitches in baseball, showing where the shot was placed? Or maybe show the path of the ball in 3D space, in the form of a vector  pointer? That would nicely show the skill of the shooter and the peril of the defender standing in the way."
    - Dean Johnson on Facebook

  9. 6. Give a behind-the-scenes look
  10. 7. Place a fixed camera in nets

  11. "...A fixed camera in the net that more accurately shows the speed of play. An example of that is car racing, where a wide shot (similar to lax game shots) shows one speed of game, but then they cut to a quickly panning shot from right along the track. Two VERY different perspectives."
    - Dean Johnson on Facebook

  12. 8. Strap a P.O.V. camera on select players

  13. 9. Increase the amount of fighting

  14. "I'm totally against this idea, but you asked for a way to get fans to watch - they have to allow fighting. That's what most people want to see. Like I said, I don't really care much for the idea because I love lacrosse the way it is, but if you're going for the general people that's what you gotta do. That's why a lot of people I know watch box lax because they can see fights."
    - Devin Guerton on Facebook

  15. 10. Display a MPH Shot Clock on screen

  16. 11. Display force measurements
  17. "I'd like to see force measurements on certain player's pads/sticks. Who wouldn't want to know how hard (as opposed how fast) that shot was when it hits the goalie's chest pad?  How hard was that stick-on-stick check?  Sure, maybe they'll show the bent pole later, but if we can get a comparison (e.g. that check had the same amount of force as a hand grenade at 10 feet), then I'd bet more people would be into it."
    - anonymous commenter