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Reactions: Field vs. Box Lacrosse

Earlier this week, we published an article written by Connor Wilson about the great big Field vs. Box debate. What follows are a few hand-picked lacrosse fan reactions, some of which you'll agree with and others you won't!


  1. To kick things off, here's the article link so you can see what all the fuss is about! There are some very interesting comments at the bottom of the article, if you're interested in reading those responses.
  2. After Connor's article was published, we took it to Facebook and Twitter, where things got interesting. Check out the reactions below.
  3. you can't settle a debate when it's completely based on preference. you're always going to have people ignore the differences in skill and athleticism and base their opinion on which they like better.
  4. Here is a good analogy for you, field lacrosse is to the NFL as Box lacrosse is to the arena football league. Box is an interesting variation and as a training method but field is the true game.
  5. Thoughtful analogy, but what about the talent involved?
  6. Love both, but the players in box have to be better. Hands down. No stick skills in box gets you nowhere. If I was wrong, Canadian longpole experts wouldn't be the best and scorers.
  7. Field!!! nothing like walking on the a field covered in dew in the early morning for an exciting game!
  8. People are saying field kuz they can't handle box (scurred to get hit)
  9. Lets be honest, Field goalies are pure alpha males. Box goalies could be replaced by a fat bloke lying down.
  10. Field. The roots of the game were played outside. There was no such thing as a box
  11. Skill level = Field. Energy level = Box.
  12. Now here's an interesting one from John Peters that we really liked:
  13. I grew up playing field, but I have a lot more fun playing box. It just feels faster, more improvised, many more touches, and more team oriented to me. And it takes skill to score on the tiny goals compared to the 6x6's.
  14. John Grant Jr is one of the most dominant box players ever (2011-12 MVP in box speaks for itself) but look how his dominance translates to the field in the MLL using same techniques as box.
  15. We retweeted the tweet from Brandon Edelschein to see what kind of response it would get...
  16. Check that out! John Grant Jr. steps right in!
  17. i play both and field cant touch box. box is so much, more intense and way more entertaining to watch
  18. Field. both great but field lax is the way its done and NLL players just look damn right goofy if u ask me