MLL Championship Weekend: Semifinals Recap

A quick rundown of today's Major League Lacrosse action in Annapolis, Maryland, according to YOUR comments on Twitter!

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  1. Crazy weekend for the MLL, but I sure am glad they played through the weather!

  2. No doubt they lost some ticket revenue, but watching LIVE on ESPN2 was quite the treat for people all across the country. Hopefully today's games helped generate some new lacrosse fans!

    Final scores:

    Boston 14, Chesapeake 13
    Hamilton 11, Denver 9

    Interesting tidbit: Most people who took our LAS Poll yesterday said they wanted the Denver Outlaws to win.

  3. The teams got wet out there today, no question about it.

  4. Inside Lacrosse has some up-close photos of how players dealt with the rain:
  5. Scott Rodgers even got a new tattoo for the occasion!
  6. Here are some fan reactions from throughout the day:

  7. has a solid recap of the both games:

  8. Some interesting player activity occurred during the last few seconds of the Hamilton/Denver game. Most notably, an unnecessary gesture that poorly represented our sport.