Filing A Claim For A Dog Attack In Nevada

The state of Nevada doesn't possess a specific ruling for dog attacks.


  1. The state of Nevada doesn't possess a specific ruling for dog attacks. This indicates that they don't impose the one-bite ruling on victims. The one-bite ruling in most states implies that the dog isn't responsible for the first bite that is inflicted upon the victim. As this isn't the case in Nevada, courts determine responsibility based on a wider variety of factors involved in the occurrence.

    Protecting Their Property

    In personal injury proceedings associated with dog bites, the first step is to identify the victim's right to be on the premises. This applies to dog attacks that occurred on the pet owner's property only. If the victim is guilty of trespassing or unlawful entry, they cannot file a personal injury claim. The reason their rights don't apply is that they were breaking the law at the time of the attack. In these instances, it is probable that the court will rule that the dog was protecting their property.

    Identifying Vicious or Dangerous Animals

    Previous rulings in which the dog was identified as vicious or dangerous apply to new submissions. Any pet owner who chooses to keep a dog that was identified as vicious or dangerous after a court ruling is acting illegally. Under Nevada law, the pet owner isn't allowed to keep a vicious animal as it poses a threat to society.

    Harboring a dangerous animal is a crime in Nevada. According to applicable laws, the pet owner could be charged with a misdemeanor. The penalty for this infraction is up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

    Additionally, if the vicious animal attacks someone the pet owner is charged with a class D felony. The penalty when a known vicious dog attacks another person is up to four years in prison and a fine of no greater than $5,000. For this reason, victims should hire attorneys to represent them and bring this attack to the attention of the court.

    Filing a Personal Injury Claim

    A personal injury lawyer las vegas files a claim for dog attack victims to acquire damages. These damages include all medical costs associated with their injuries as well as pain and suffering. Victims have a two-year window to file a formal claim.

    Through these attorneys, victims have the right to report a vicious animal to the county. The court retains the right to file criminal charges where applicable and provide a settlement for the victim. Dog attack victims are advised to hire lawyers as soon as possible.