Hurricane Hits Kansas: #RALKids Week 2 Recap

#RALKids is still going strong! The library ran out of free books (which means 1200 copies of Turtle in Paradise are being read and shared in Lawrence), the hurricane program with UKanTeach and The Sandbar was a blast, and there are a few new babysitters on the market after our babysitting program!


  1. A quick nod of the hat to our partners for Read Across Lawrence for Kids (see link below). Without them, this program would not be as successful as it is. And a big shout out to our sponsor The Friends of the Lawrence Public Library who financially support this entire program.
  2. The Key West Hurricane of 1935 makes a big appearance in Turtle in Paradise. For our "Hurricane a Comin'!" program, UKanTeach volunteers taught kids about the science behind hurricanes for a hands-on STEM program. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed The Sandbar's famous indoor hurricane!
  3. How do you burp a baby? How much does a babysitter make an hour? Does the Diaper Baby Gang’s Secret Formula really work? Young patrons learned the in’s and out’s of babysitting with a specialist from Lawrence Memorial Hospital. 
  4. Don't forget! There are a lot of great resources as well as a Great Depression reading list for Read Across Lawrence for Kids available on the LPL website!