Where is the Heart? Find the Heart First Before Using the Law of Attraction

Susan also has debt. She has a degree she appreciates, and she wants to get a job in the field.

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  1. When people say their heart is broken, they do not necessarily mean their heart is damaged and an hour away from a heart attack. Their mind is heartbroken and shattered. The Law of Attraction cannot be approached from a place of denial or neediness. It must be approached with an open mind, and this is especially so with money. The current status of the heart and mind contributes to the Law of Attraction.

    Why is Money Needed? Ask the Heart

    John is currently in a staggering student debt, and he is living with his mother despite a college education (the economy has something to do with that). The economy is out of his control. A lot of the situation is fundamentally out of his control, frankly, but he is still crushed.

    He needs money, and he needs it now. His wish within the Law of Attraction is that he wants $5,000 to begin steady debt payments and to find an apartment. A lofty goal, but it is not coming from a good place. It is coming from feelings of despair, neediness, financial scarcity, and padding.

    The Happiness of the Heart

    Susan also has debt. She has a degree she appreciates, and she wants to get a job in the field. She is hopeful and excited about the proposition of working within the industry she adores. She wants money to explore this new industry. She wants to push it in new directions, contribute to the community, and save enough to move to a new city she has only read about online.

    There are plenty of hopes there, but hope is not enough to hang success. There is also exploration, curiosity, and a desire for more. She needs money just like John, but she brought her heart in the right place first. She is not assuming money is scarce, and she is not putting the money towards the core goal of just getting out of debt. There is so much more in her frame of mind. That is how the Law of Attraction works.

    Visit the official website of the now famous Law of Attraction at thelawofattraction.com. Readers can learn more about how the Law applies to money at  thelawofattraction.com/money/ . The lesson here is to set the heart and mind to the right dial. They must work to truly believe that money is there. They must have an emotional condition that is receptive to wonder.