How to Avoid Yelling At Kids Even On the Bad Day


  1. Children are adorable, but they can also cause great irritation by repeating the acts we don’t like. What we normally do in this situation is to plea in front of the kids to stop. When they turn out to be unwilling to comply, we normally yell. This is the normal scenario. Yelling becomes even easier, in fact inevitable, when we have a bad day. At the end of that bad day, the energies are so drained that we become short-tempered. Hence, any action from the children can trigger the bad emotions inside us to start coming out in the form of a firestorm of anger.
  2. Consider this feeling as a red light blinking in the dashboard of a car. There are different ways you can react to that blinking.
  3. • You could try to make the car run faster. In the parenting scenario, you can use your anger to give your child the lesson. Hence, you can yell more in this scenario.
    • You can blame yourself for not being careful enough to take precautionary measures. Now you can imagine how blaming can be of any benefit.
    • You could cut the wire so you don’t see the light blinking. In parenting scenario, it means you are only suppressing the motions. The motions are going to come out badly next time.
    • You could think of the red light as a signal that your car needs some attention. This attitude can help you get back to your generous self.
  4. Without a doubt, fourth point is the one that should be the part of our behavior when it comes to avoid yelling even on the bad day. In other words, you need to follow some preventive maintenance measures. If you are unable to take care of yourself in that situation, you are more likely to start yelling at your kids.
  5. Just breathe

  6. You need to tell yourself that there is no emergency to take any actions. You just need to breathe in that situation to let go of the anger and big emotions.
  7. Don’t act

  8. After taking some deep breaths, you should be able to realize at an extent that you certainly don’t need to take any actions. Hence, you should stop yourself for a while and make sure that you are ready to be compassionate before you plan on acting. Remember, children would only learn about fear and being anxious in front of you if you are teaching them discipline in the state of anger. You want to teach them discipline, be empathetic and show compassion while teaching.
  9. Forgive yourself

  10. Remember, humans are more likely to get angry. Hence, emotions can run into the mind and make a person act upon those emotions. If you are angry but you have the guilt of being angry and helpless against the extreme emotions, the best way is to embrace that helpless side of you. That will help you to overcome the emotions pretty easily.