Amanda Leto-Tips And Guidance For Healthy Pregnancy


  1. - At this stage, you should tell your doctor about any problems appear, such as the presence of sugar or disorder in kidney function or tired heart.

    - There are some medical tests that help the doctor to identify the status of fetal growth include:
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    - taking a sample of fluid surrounding the fetus to protect him to see the overall condition of the fetus.
    - ultrasound to see the fetal position, size and expense of old and learn What if there are abnormalities possible to occur and when are the birth process.

    - The stages of fetal growth: is the growth of the fetus inside the uterus on the three stages and each stage include about three months.
    * Phase I: and include the first three months of pregnancy, which is very important for the growth of the child.

    - Baby begins to grow 8 cm in length and begins Members of large growth. - It is necessary at this stage not to be subjected to smoke or drink alcohol or use drugs is wrong.

    - For there must be a good feed for the mother with a suitable rest.

    - The first month:

    - Heart starts lung and brain growth and begins the heart in the flickering at the end of day 25 of this month.

    - And the fetus is surrounded by fluid to protect it from pressure or trauma and continue the fetus to grow inside this liquid until birth.

    - starts the umbilical cord in the growth which consists of a group of blood vessels that carry food from the mother to the fetus and carries waste fetus out.

    - start your weight increase and swelling breasts and suffer from nausea in the morning.

    - must be to quit any bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol and not taking any medications, but consult a doctor.

    - The second month:

    - grow hands and fingers and legs with the beginning of the formation of the knees, ankle and toes.

    - begin the stomach and liver in growth.