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Knowing your child will die before you...

A parent's struggle to make his daughter's painful life more comfortable.


  1. Every once in a while, something touches me so deeply that I literally can’t stand it.

    Being the founder of The Butterfly Fund, I hear so many stories of families who struggle in one way or form of another. All the stories touch me, but this one in particular honestly goes to the core of my heart.

    Meet Logan England. 

  2. A single parent raising 2 children all on his own. Not just any children, but children with severe and extreme special needs.

    Logan’s daughter Cassie was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). To keep it short and sweet and plain and simple (though absolutely NOTHING about the disease is) it‘s HORRIFIC. When you hear it’s the worst disease you never heard of, they aren’t kidding. Cassie is only 15 years old, but her life has been filled with pain and suffering from the time she was born.
  3. Deep wounds cover her entire body on a daily basis and at this very moment, this sweet girl literally wants to give up.  No more “poking and pricking “ in a hospital as she puts it-­‐ she just wants to be home, with hospice and home nursing care and with the people she loves.
  4. The wisdom in this young girl’s character absolutely astounds me and literally breaks my heart. What 15 years old comes to this decision on their own and with more dignity and maturity than any adult I know?  I absolutely love this young girl and I have never even met her.
  5. Logan also has an adopted son, Walt who is 13 years old. Walt also has a milder form of EB and many physiological special needs as well. 

    Our friendship began a few years back when I came across his story online. Logan is the most caring and devoted parent I know.  He has a wonderful sense of humor and a truthful honesty about him that I so appreciate and admire. We keep in touch periodically and never once has Logan EVER asked me for anything. He knows I have a foundation that helps families with children such as his, but never once, did he ever ask of anything from us. We helped where we could, but being a small foundation, it seems we never can do enough to truly fill our hearts or make the huge differences we so wish we could make. Any small thing we could do for Logan, he was always so quick to respond with the most sincere display of gratitude.  
  6. I am writing this letter not to ask of anything. I am writing this letter to BEG of everything.  Everything that Logan needs and so deserves. Logan lives very frugally and modestly and like I said before, he never asks for anything. I see so many people who have far less the anguish, struggles and heartache than him and yet he still smiles, he still doesn’t complain and he opens his heart to anyone else that needs a helping hand. 
  7. There are a couple ways to help Logan and Cassie, and even the smallest of donations can make tidal waves for this family:

    Online donations: 
    Donate Online Now
    c/o The Butterfly Fund (
    (online donations are tax deductible)

    Send a Check:
    Chase Bank C/O Robyn Richards
    RE: Cassandra England
    8751 Siegen Lane
    Baton Rouge, LA 70810

    Every once in a while, we ALL need a little help. Whether it be a kind word, a sweet gesture or enough love to make everything in this world seem better and brighter. I hope with your help, we can all make this world a little more lovely beginning with just one person -­‐ Logan England.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart~\


    Laurie Sterner

    The Butterfly Fund