1. When traveling abroad it is easy to look for the food you are used to.  As an American, we look for fast food; McDonald's, Starbucks, or anything with French fries. Before I came to Russia I didn't have any idea what the food would be like, in America you never hear about traditional Russian foods, I was expecting a lot of meat and potatoes.  One thing I didn’t know was sold here are a lot were kebabs. I have been traveling around Europe my whole life I think coming to Russia, I was expecting more of a European experience.  I forgot completely
    about the Middle Eastern influence in Russia.  

  2. One major difference from America to Russia is the cost.  Everything is more expensive, most Americans are used to not having to pay for water or getting free refills of their soda.  In Russia, and most of Europe you have to pay for everything.  For someone who has never traveled before this can be a shock. Coming to Russia was a new experience for me.  Most people here eat smaller portions and smaller meals than in America.  This could be due to the fact that things are more expensive, but mostly I believe it is a cultural thing.  Not getting free refills or having "all you can eat" places is something that we are used to, in Russia things are very different.

  3. Most Russian people eat traditional Russian food.  Even though there are many different types of food here, when at home it is traditionally Russian.  Potatoes are one of the most popular foods in Russia.  The video and link below explains some of the favorite foods of local Russians, and what they eat everyday.  In the link I posted it explains the main foods eaten by Russians and the reasons why they are so popular.  Since Russia is such a cold climate it is difficult to have many fruits and vegetables without a high price from importing them.  I feel that climate has a lot to do with the food supply where ever you go. 

  4. Overall, Russian food consists of a lot of beef or pork and potatoes.  Another difference from the united states is that there are no side dishes with the meal.  Sometimes you will get some vegetables, but with all the meals I have ate here, the only thing you get is the main dish that you ordered. Russia has many different customs than America.  Anyone who is looking to go to Russia, should look into the local foods especially if you are vegetarian it might be difficult for you to find foods that do not contain meat other than potatoes and cabbage.  Russians also take their time when they eat, Americans are always wanting to get their food quickly and to get in and get out.  In Russia they take their time and it is not unusual for you to have to ask for the check rather than your waiter bringing it to you when you are finished eating.