The NDP and Green Parties are on the same page in many areas, including the two most important issues of this election for me: repealing Bill C-51 and implementing Electoral Reform. In a winner-take-all electoral system, parties tend to compete hardest against the ones they are most like.


  1. Hmmm. Stuart is asking a question to which he already knows the answer. Why is that, I wonder?
  2. If this was a courtroom drama, the legal objection to this would be "Asked and answered." But maybe Stuart really wants to understand this. So I answered again, using different words.
  3. Since Stuart is an NDP partisan, I expect the reason this is important to him is that voters might choose not to vote for his party since it has become clear that all NDP votes are whipped. The Green Party promise of no whipped votes (ever) offers voters who want Bill C-51 repealed and Proportional Representation implemented a strong alternative to the NDP. So Stuart is really trying to argue whipped votes are a good thing.