Howto Evolve a Girl’s Bedroom


  1. So, your little daughter has stepped into the teenage and she no longer requires the toddler’s arrangement that you had made in her room. Besides updating the toys and other items that she may need, there is a whole new renovation that you may need to do in order to customize your daughter’s room according to her requirements.
  2. With a little knowhow about science involved in the room’s decoration and renovation, you may not even have to think so hard about how to renovate the room. You will just have to look around and make calculated guesses in order to imagine what would seem better. Nevertheless, this article can serve as a guide to help you in the process even if you are an absolute layman.
  3. Think about the colors
  4. Unusual colors with lighter shades, after being applied in the room’s design, may not look very well in the rooms of big fellows but it is especially what the little teenage girls would want. Small girls, too elder to be called toddlers, naturally develop interest in the colors. This is the time when you can help them to focus on a pattern of colors instead of thinking about distracting colors. You can tune their interest in colors by using light pink or light red colors at certain spots in their room. To get better idea, look at the image above. Alternatively, you can decorate a portion of wall by using faux brick panels of a little lighter color. That will surely give the room’s design a natural touch.
  5. The ceiling color
  6. If the color you are using for contrast with white color in the room is pink, stick with it while painting the ceiling. However, the color of ceiling should be very light and close to white. The reason is that the ceiling color should always of lower contrast with the white. To add colorfulness in the room, put several cushions and throws of different colors on the bed. Furthermore, you can also put a carpet of darker shade of blue. Placing pink would create uniformity in design that sometimes gets boring.
  7. The bed canopy
  8. The only way you can make the room’s design attractive for your little girl is to add interesting details other than room design elements. For instance, a canopy over the bed can provide your daughter with an extra private space. That bed with a canopy would give your girl more homey sensation that she’d be looking for.
  9. Help your girl in organizing things
  10. Girls have a natural sense of organizing things in the rooms or living spaces. You can tune this natural habit of your girl by putting a dresser in her room. To further clarify things, you can attach labels with the dresser’s drawers.
  11. How to Style a Girls Room