#Syria - #Kafranbel protest banners

Syrians in the town of Kafranbel have produced striking protest signs and banners during months of demonstrations. If you can assist with translation of the banners or interpretation of the images shown in them, please tweet @lauraoliver and this Storify will be updated.


  1. Protesters against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad have been involved in repeated demonstrations aimed at the regime and the wider international community using an array of banners in both English and Arabic. Many of their messages have been captured in twitpics, YouTube videos and on Facebook.
  2. This clip from UgaritNews on YouTube displays a gallery of some of the banners used by the protesters during months of protests.
  3. 28 10 Kafranbel, Idlib أوغاريت كفرنبل إدلب مظاهرات جمعة الحظر الجوي ج1
  4. The banner in English, reportedly from a demo in June, reads: "Thanks Mr. Vladimir Putin! no to the Iraqian [sic] pattern in Syria but yes to Stalin's massacres here?!! Great Idea."
  5. Syria Demonstrations City kafranbel Fri fall of legitimacy Bashar al Assad 24/06/2011
  6. In this footage from August 2011, a banner in English reads: "World Syria is not a Roman arena to watch and enjoy only Kafranbel under occupation".
  7. (08-26-2011) Kafranbel - People chanting and holding outstanding signs -Idlib
  8. Banners used in a "Dignity Strike" on 9 December show Assad depicted as a chair leg and as The Godfather:
  9. (12.09.2011) Kafranbel | Idlib | Protesters carrying well-stated signs on Friday of "Dignity Strike"
  10. This banner asking the world's leaders how they can sleep is also seen in a video from YouTube dated 4 November 2011, which according to reports shows: "Protesters in a town in the northern Syrian province of Idlib describe themselves in banners as 'Occupy Kafranbel'." The video also shows Assad depicted as Pinnochio.
  11. Kafranbel asks the world's presidents and NATO leaders how they sleep at night.. #Syria
    Kafranbel asks the world's presidents and NATO leaders how they sleep at night.. #Syria
  12. Fifteen seconds into this video clip the banner reads: "Obama's procrastination kills us. We miss Bush's audacity the world is better with America's Republicans".
  13. (12-16-2011) Kafranbel | Idlib | Protesters of Kafranbel carrying amazing signs
  14. In January footage of another banner emerged, captured by YouTube user SHAMSNN reading: "World! Stop miming Hamlet on the Syrian stage; al-Assad isn't acting; he is slaughtering us."
  15. شام ؛؛ ادلب كفرنبل ؛؛مظاهرات الاحرار دعم الجيش الحر ؛؛ 13 1 2012جـ1