It's been a long, hot but GREAT day!

#Great13 Conference coming to you from Galway, Ireland on July 9th, 2013! We're not good, were GREAT...13! Explore Technology and sail with us toward new horizons!

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  1. MAET Y2s were feeling less nervous after yesterday's prep time with Emily and Sean! Thanks profs :)
  2. Teachers words of wisdom
  3. Thumbs up for excitement. There were name tags and everything. SO official.
  4. Smiling faces means conference nerves are starting to settle.
  5. Welcome Dr. Tony Hall! Not only did you teach us rugby, but you gave us an excellent keynote speech. Dr. Hall talked a bit about narratives today, as "they provide a structure for students to understand." "Teaching can be story telling" as it is the "most universal, generic, and transcendent aspect of our culture." It can make the "strange familiar, and the familiar strange."
  6. Steven Book is most excited for his App Slam Session with Laura Phillips! Slam!
  7. Steven is excited for the #great13 MAET conference!
  8. Great photography courtesy of Emily Mullins! Thanks Em! v v
  9. ^^^....I know... because of all the high energy!
  10. You really WOWed us ladies!