Human rights after the Holocaust: what have we learned?

Event at Glasgow University on 25 February 2016 with Holocaust survivor testimonies by Ingrid and Henry Wuga & panel discussion on human rights, refugee, international law and historical issues.


  1. Organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust, Glasgow University's School of Law and Law in Action. For more event info and speaker biographies, please see my previous blog post.
  2. This is a collation of the links and tweets before, during and after the event, with special thanks to Meghan Devine from student organisation Law in Action who was our live tweeter on the night!
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  4. The event was of interest far and wide, even leading UK human rights barrister and founder of the UK Human Rights Blog and Rights Info was intrigued, since it linked so well to an article he posted on Holocaust Memorial Day 2016...
  5. The Southside Extra, Dundee Law Society, Gold Horse Daily Dispatch and Lost Event Glasgow also reported on the event, and BBC Radio Scotland interviewed our guests of honour Henry and Ingrid Wuga on the day! (Click on the links to read and listen).
  6. There was much anticipation...
  7. Our Chair, Andrew Sirel (Solicitor at the Legal Services Agency) kicked off the proceedings...
  8. Then Ingrid and Henry took the floor and told us about their experiences coming to the UK on rescue Operation Kindertransport as German-Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler and the Nazi regime.
  9. Although they both had to deal with extremely difficult circumstances and tough treatment, what really stood out for Henry and Ingrid were the acts of kindness and humanity they experienced as refugees in the UK...
  10. Many people in the audience had never heard survivor testimony first-hand before. They now have two personal points of reference for anyone who denies the Holocaust or dismisses its importance. This empowers us to pass on Henry and Ingrid's important messages...
  11. Here are some responses from Ingrid and Henry to the questions from the audience following their testimonies.