Moseley and Kings Heath Hustings - April 2015

These are the tweets from the Moseley and Kings Heath local councillor hustings which took place on Monday 20 April 2015 at Kings Heath Primary School. This is most of the tweets relating to the event. I've removed a few and reordered some for better context.


  1. Below are a list of the candidates up for election:
  2. Mike FRIEL - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
    Luke HOLLAND - Independent (on Twitter as @lukeeholland)
    Rashpal MONDAIR - UKIP (didn't show)
    Martin MULLANEY - Liberal Democrats (on Twitter as @mullaney3)
    Elly STANTON - Green Party
    Martin STRAKER-WELDS - Labour
    Owen WILLIAMS - Conservative (on Twitter as @vwozone)
  3. Martin Straker-Welds is the current councillor facing re-election at the end of his four-year term.
    The other two ward councillors Lisa Tricket (Lab) and Claire Spencer (Lab) are not facing re-election this time
  4. All of the candidates were asked to give a three minute introduction...