Active and Independent Living Improvement Programme Launch

The AILIP launch event took place on 26th April 2017, and enabled Allied Health Professionals and multi-agency partners to connect with one another, reflect on achievements to date and the future of the programme, and to hear more about other areas of work.


  1. Jacqui Lunday Johnstone, Chief Health Professions Officer at the Scottish Government, opened the day.
  2. Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport at the Scottish Government, highlighted the contribution that AHPs make to health and wellbeing, and described how the AILIP programme was co-produced with professionals, families and carers.
  3. Kevin Neary from Aid and Abet Scotland gave a very moving account of his experiences of alcohol and drug addiction and violent crime, and his work on prevention and early intervention with the Violent Offender Watch (VOW) programme.
  4. Sarah Mitchell, AILIP Programme Director, gave an overview of progress to date and new initiatives in the AILIP work.