Colorado Wines - Grapes Infused By Mountain Air

Every other Monday around 8pm, the Grand Prize Bar fills up with an eclectic mix of food-minded individuals hoping for a taste of gourmet without th


  1. Every other Monday around 8pm, the Grand Prize Bar fills up with an eclectic mix of food-minded individuals hoping for a taste of gourmet without the price tag.

    I sealed the Cannes experience with a gathering for the wine tasting in nyc burroughs in Vence. On a family vineyard owned for 10 generations we learned how they still bottled by hand 18,000 bottles a year. Olive trees planted by the Romans 2000 years ago watched people take sips of wine aged for four years and we enjoyed it all together.

    I opened a restaurant for another Greek, Johnnie Toulkas; I'd worked with him in a fine dining establishment and became a friend. His wife was a trust fund baby born to a prominent local family. She found Johnnie while lounging around the Grecian Islands. The family didn't like her choice but relented when healthy babies began to appear, so Johnnie found the monies to open a restaurant.

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    Each star is representative of how good the wine is, but the ratings number system is still used to distinguish between those on the low end of the spectrum. For example, a two star wine with a rating of 94 will be better than a two star wine with a rating of 91.

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    Roasted corn - Located by the Grandstand on Dan Patch as it curves into Nelson. Skipping the butter (or wiping the extra off) and going light on the salt makes this delicious treat a healthier version.

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    Please visit the Northwest Food and Wine Festivals official website for more information and to purchase tickets. The website also contains a listing of all the wineries that will be participating in this function. The list is huge and a bit overwhelming but it truly contains every major winery in the region. This is a fantastic opportunity to truly partake of all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. This event is very anticipated and the majority of us who have a deep love for wine are counting the days.