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Simplifying Complexity & Fragmentation in Multi-Screen Video Advertising #aadigital

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  1. Consumers are not only "Leaning Forward" to find out information by search but also for entertainment
    - 19B search queries yet 43B click to play videos

    Problem for Advertisers - Fragmented content distribution platforms
    - Screen fragmentation is accelerating
    - Everyone has their own favorite content viewing device (tablet, phone, TV, desktop)

    Answer: Yume

    Yume Mobile
    - The mobile inflection point - last year tablets & smartphones outpaced PC sales
    - Mobile video traffic dominates

    Yume Connected TV
    - 37M US households currently own a connected device that enables them to watch digital video on their TV screen (WII, Xbox, Apple TV)
    - 19 M of tose households are actively using their connected devices
    - 77% of households have broadband penetration representing an opportunity for tremendous growth
    This trend will continue to expand the connected TV universe in the near future

    8 Essentials to Video success
    1.) Ad visibility
    2.) Brand safety
    3.) Cross stream compatibility
    4.) Premium publishers
    5.) Placement quality
    6.) Interactive Ads
    7.) Audience targeting
    8.) Cross-screen analytics & optimization