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On candidates and religion

A sampling of responses posted to The Times' Facebook page.


  1. Some readers wondered about the way the question was worded.
  2. "Religiosity" or whatever the hell phrase you used? That's not a word! Aren't newspapers supposed to be the last bastion of the English language?!? How about..."How important is a candidate's religion?". Geez LA Times, you make me ashamed to be a subscriber!
  3. Another user, Shawn Mobley, cited a Wikipedia page on “Religiosity”, which defines it as: 

  4. Other readers wondered why we asked the question at all.

  5. This same rhetoric was espoused by journalists when John Kennedy ran for office because he was Catholic!
  6. is this a serious question?
  7. Sick and tired of this being an issue.. Ridiculous!
  8. Most readers agreed that politics and religion should be separate.

  9. I don't care as long as his religion isn't part of his legislation. Secular president!!!
  10. Religion and politics should not be mixed by anyone who paid attention during civics class. The right not to have religion forced on you is why the separation is there. Period. Religion is not excluded anywhere but in affairs where it should not intrude and pollute the political process. That is the poison of those who claim that "religion" has a factor in politics now.
  11. It's really not all that important to me at all. If the President is doing a good job running the country his religion shouldn't be an issue. It's nice that we have a Christian President and it's really good that he is understanding of people of all religions. I'm all for separation of church and state.
  12. Another concern was a president pushing his or her own beliefs. 

  13. I just wouldn't want a US president conducting fireside radio chats and invoking prayers. That would be crossing the maginot line separating church and state.
  14. Your President is not your Pastor.
  15. Finally, a few readers said religion was an important factor in how they'd vote.

  16. I'd prefer someone who is not very religious, just principled.
  17. Very important that they are NOT RELIGIOUS!
  18. I don't want a religious leader, what I want is a fare and honest one. This is a country with a secular constitution. This isn't a religious dictatorship, yet. Let it stay that way.