Cash Rules Everything Around Me: Online Spying

A LibTech Seminar Series exploring how dictatorships and other types of state governments are employing malware that spies on dissidents.


  1. Speaker bios from the website: 
    Morgan Marquis-Boire works as a Security Engineer at Google specializing in Incident Response, Forensics and Malware Analysis. He is a security researcher and Technical Advisor at the Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto. Recently, he has been working with the Electronic Frontier Foundation on issues surrounding dissident suppression in Syria.


    Bill Marczak 
    is a Computer Science PhD student at UC Berkeley working on developing new languages, abstractions, and tools for distributed programming.  Bill is also a founding member of Bahrain Watch, a monitoring and advocacy group that seeks to promote effective, 

    accountable, and transparent governance in Bahrain through research and evidence-based activism.

  2. Dark Secrets - Hacking Team commercial