#Dream9 Released: Reactions and Social Media Images

This afternoon the #Dream9 was released from Eloy Detention Center and reunited with their family, friends, and supporters.


  1. It broke around 4pm EST on Twitter when Los Angeles Times reporter Cindy Carcamo tweeted this:
  2. Once news spread on social media, the mainstream press confirmed it. From the LA Times:
  3. TUCSON — Young immigrants known as the “Dream 9” were released Wednesday from federal custody in Arizona, a small step in their bid to win asylum in the United States.   The immigration activists were released on parole, which allows them to return to their American communities until they get the chance to argue for asylum before an immigration judge. The nine were tranferred by bus from the Eloy Detention Center in south-central Arizona to Tucson, where their arrival was welcomed by immigrant rights activists. “You’re here!” shouted someone in the crowd. Some of the dreamers and their supporters were crying.
  4. From NBC Latino:
  5. Domenic Powell, the media manager for the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA), also announced all nine Dreamers will be permitted to leave the detention center. “They’re being released while the asylum process moves forward,” Powell says. “They have established they have credible fear of returning, which is a screening process, and now the process will move forward.”
  6. The NBC Latino story included a statement from the government:
  7. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued a statement saying, “As is longstanding policy, each matter will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine whether individuals may be released pending the outcome of their immigration hearing. Custody determinations are made based on several factors to include ties to the community, flight risk and criminal history, if any.”
  8. David Leopold, a prominent immigration attorney who called the action a "publicity stunt" two weeks ago also spoke with NBC Latino:
  9. “My criticism was never about the DREAM 9, but about the tactics they used,” he says. “We all know the immigration system is broken and in need of a comprehensive overhaul. That’s why I strongly believe the focus should be on the House GOP leadership and Speaker Boehner to pass immigration reform with a path to citizenship.”
  10. “But the question remains: What was the point of the protest?” Leopold added. “What did they show that was not already common knowledge? I also think this action leaves serious questions as to the political motives of protest organizers.”
  11. While reaction to the news was positive, a forum on the site of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC  old a different story with the following headline:
  12. Illegal Alien Mexican Activists Released From Custody in Arizona, "DREAM 9" Mexican Activists Released From Custody in Arizona
  13. Then there was this:
  14. But that did not stop Twitter and Instagram from sharing the emotional reunion: