Insurance companies, Boycott and #Space4Cycling

Space for cycling suffers a myopia. Advocates within the movement are reluctant to generalise the problem, yet to scratch the surface of any social issue usually finds the same cancer: the ruling aristocracy. How can an oppressed group obtain emancipation when they continue to fund oppressors?


  1. A point not made in these tweets but obvious, is an insurance industry reliant on a public service to make good on their customer promise. It is far more profitable to outsource property replacement to the police and have stolen items recovered whilst the general population suffer the cost at the local level via council tax.
  2. That same company is located in Bermuda, the well known tax haven. Another interesting conflict of interest is the Queen as patron of The National Cycling Charity when she is on record as not liking cycling, from the Telegraph: “She’s not a fan of cyclists,” Fenton, 26, tells me at The Route Less Travelled private view at the 17 Floral Street Gallery in Covent Garden. “We were talking about the accidents. They did not surprise her.”

    Could you imagine the head of Banardo's saying something similar of children yet remaining in office?