Connecting Care bulletin - November 2015

We round-up of the best technology and social care news from the last few weeks. This bulletin is produced by Lasa for our Department of Health funded Connecting Care community project. Follow us @LasaICT.

  1. Connecting Care news from Lasa

  2. IT Health checks: we can help you plan and implement technology changes that could help you save time and money and deliver more effective services. You can also download our handy 10 Top Tips for making better use of technology in health and social care. This is what one organisation we have worked with had to say.

    "Your time spent with us has definitely paid off so thank you. We have introduced Office 365 so all of our work is now stored in the Cloud and every member of staff has access to a One Drive account. So all in all we are very pleased with what we have achieved to date." (Residential Learning Disabilities Centre).

    Digital 'show and tell' events: If you are a small charity providing social care to older people we can show your staff and volunteers how to make use of tablet devices to support independent living.

    Contact us through the Connecting Care website if you'd like to find out some more about how we can help you with a health check or run a FREE session like this with your organisation.
  3. Technology News for Social Care Organisations

  4. While software developments will not replace frontline staff they strip a lot of cost out of social care processes. This article by Richard Pantlin shows how technology through Apps and in Self Service and Self Assessment can help.
  5. Technology now allows citizens to monitor their health and activity levels by themselves through mobile apps (Mhealth), telehealth (Flo) or wearable technology. The need to take up valuable clinician time to take basic health readings is no longer necessary. Digital Health Stoke on Trent have a great collection of Continued Professional Development resources including example protocols, shared management plans, consent forms, patient leaflets, check lists, toolkits and handbooks.
  6. If you aren't sure how to approach technology change in your organisation, the first link below is to a new guide which draws on the experiences of a number of charities and provides useful tips to evaluation what to consider. To help Trustees think strategically about technology transformation, see the second link.
  7. Data protection is a crucial consideration for charities, but this has recently taken on even more importance as Europe’s highest court last month struck down a “safe harbour” agreement that currently allows European citizens’ data to be transferred to the US. The ruling’s impact on the social media sites and companies that rely on the unencumbered flow of their subscribers’ data will be earth-shattering.

    The New EU Data Protection Directive will also expand current definitions of “personal data”, and “data subject”, which organisations should be aware of. Oxfam have produced a Responsible Data Policy which is a good guide to use, but also it is suggested that all contracts with cloud providers should be checked, asking where their data centres are and where they’re backed up to ensure data is adequately protected.
  8. If you're a person who finds it easier to see statistics presented as a picture rather than a table then this new graphic from the Tinder Foundation illustrates the benefits of increased digital use and the potential cost savings of being more digital.
  9. Living Well in the Digital Age

  10. A heritage project coming to Norfolk aims to help elderly people at risk of isolation and “reconnect them with the local community”, by using pictures from a bygone era. H/T @johnpopham
  11. Increasing numbers of older people are turning to social networking to feel less isolated, according to new research. 35 per cent of adults aged 65 and over are actively using social media, compared to just 11 per cent in 2010, read the story by Tony Watts, chair of the South West Forum on Ageing and see the full report here.
  12. And the Centre for Ageing Better which officially launches on December 2nd will hopefully build the use of digital ideas and technology into it's work plan to really help older people live well.
  13. On December 8th Age Action Alliance are having their first Twitter Chat on the subject of "Stop making it complex! – Keeping technology simple to overcome loneliness and isolation". The chat will take place on Twitter from 4.30pm using the Hashtag #AAAChat. Please follow along or join in!. More details about how it works can be found on their blog.
  14. Pensioners in Leeds are among the first in the country to test out a groundbreaking social network aimed at combating social isolation and bridging the digital divide. Read more: 
  15. Apps & Social Media

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