Connecting Care bulletin - March 2015

This time we have a bumper round-up of the best technology and social care news from the last few weeks. This bulletin is produced exclusively from Lasa for our Department. of Health funded Connecting Care community project. Follow us @LasaICT.

  1. Connecting Care news from Lasa

    Lasa ICT survey winner: Thank you to all those who responded to our survey on using ICT in social care. We'll be contacting the lucky winners of a Tesco Hudl2 worth £130 very shortly.

    15 April - Webinar: Data Protection and the cloud:
    A free webinar from Lasa. If you are already using or thinking about using cloud based services (like Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365) to run your care home, data protection expert, Paul Ticher, gives an overview on what you need to know. Book here.

    06 May - Webinar: Managing Technology Change in smaller charities: Staff are frustrated and struggle with old and slow computers, an ancient database doesn't really do what you need, funding is squeezed and the board is reluctant to spend on technology. You know things need to change, but where do you start? Book here.

    New website initiative: Slides and video from our February webinar with @jasoncsking on planning a new website now available.

    Digital 'show and tell' events: If you are a small charity providing social care to older people we can show your staff and volunteers how to make use of tablet devices to support independent living. We have recently run events in Norwich with Chill4Us Carers (pictured below) and in Enfield and Sutton. Contact us through Connecting Care if you'd like to find out some more about how we can help you or run a FREE session with your organisation.
  2. Digital Developments

  3. The importance of the Internet was presented at the Dimbleby Lecture on March 30th, Martha Lane-Fox, the Chair of Go-On UK. She made a captivating speech about the future of the Internet and that we all have the job of getting people on-line, encouraging more women into technology and making the UK a truly digital nation. It's well worth a watch.
  4. The 2015 Lloyds Digital Index has been released this week which shows that although SMEs are starting to use digital more, charities are really falling behind in growing the potential of digital technology for strategic planning, websites and online transactions. See the links below for access to the findings.
  5. Health and Social Care Technology News

  6. Online Tools Reduce Isolation For Carers: Caring for a family member or for a friend can be very isolating at times. Although never a replacement for face to face contact, there are some ways to keep in touch online. See our new resource page recently added to the Connecting Care website.
  7. Technology helps seniors take control of their health: older people are embracing computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices as they seek to better manage their own physical health – or even just keep their mental wits about them.

  8. Digital Friends is a new idea from @go_on_uk to encourage each of us to help someone that we already know to go on line for the first time or to try again if they have found being on-line difficult. It's both a cross departmental government scheme and something anyone can try out too. See more on the background to it here.
  9. NHS Choices are redesigning the NHS App Store to more closely integrate accredited health apps and websites within the pages of the NHS Choices website relevant to each condition rather than the existing standalone website. The first apps to be accredited cover the area of mental health and can be seen here.
  10. Need an IT volunteer? If you have an IT project needing help to get it off the ground - a website, database, setting up WiFi, etc - volunteer IT professionals can be a good resource. Get started with a free 2 hour consultation with an IT professional via the Charity IT Association and partners. Book here.
  11. 'Our work makes the lives of older people better' Sue Ash of AgeUK describes a day on the advice line, providing information and advice about care rights to older people confused by the social care system. H/T Later Life Agenda
  12. Tips for Tech & Social Media

  13. Video is the Future: There's been a lot of talk recently about apps that stream live stream video from within Twitter, are these 'the next big thing', or just a fad? Read more about two of them - Periscope and Meerkat here.
  14. Florence (or Flo for short) is a great system we've recently tried out which is based on simple Text Message communication rather than use of Apps or Smartphones. It is being used by an increasing number of Hospitals, Carers and GPs to communicate with patients for appointment reminders and monitoring of conditions..
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