Connecting Care bulletin - July 2015

We round-up of the best technology and social care news from the last few weeks. This bulletin is produced by Lasa for our Department of Health funded Connecting Care community project. Follow us @LasaICT.

  1. Connecting Care news from Lasa

    IT Health checks: we can help you plan and implement technology changes that could help you save time and money and deliver more effective services. You can also download our handy 10 Top Tips for making better use of technology in health and social care.

    Digital 'show and tell' events: If you are a small charity providing social care to older people we can show your staff and volunteers how to make use of tablet devices to support independent living.
    After our introductory session volunteers from an organisation visited a care home taking along an Android Tablet and had this to say:

    "We have the Hudl up and running and took it to the care home for the first time on Tuesday. It was a roaring success with the residents (and volunteers too). For first time use residents only really looked at YouTube and searched for things on Google but were the most enthusiastic we have seen them on our visits. It was heart-warming to hear them talking about what wonderful things the tablet could do and enquiring as to how it works and where it gets all the information from! We had to almost prise the tablet out of the hands of one man who then quizzed us on how much they cost.

    The volunteers said it was the best session they had done so far and the care home owner/manager, who was in the beginning not at all keen, watched closely what we were doing and said he thought it was brilliant."

    Contact us through the Connecting Care website if you'd like to find out some more about how we can help you with a health check or run a FREE session like this with your organisation.
  2. Technology News for Social Care Organisations

  3. One of the questions we get asked a lot by organisations is about making the most of the small pots of money they have for purchasing technology. As was said to me when I was a youngster and given a shiny new 50p coin "spend it wisely"!
    These two articles show why it's important to both build internal technology capacity of an organisation and to evaluate potential IT purchases to wisely invest available funds.
  4. The Department of Health NIB (National Information Board) has been created to ensure data and technology is put safely to work for patients, service users, citizens and the professionals who serve them. It has a set of 9 workstreams covering topics such as Open Data, Apps and Patient Access to Information which each now have a roadmap to reach their aims. Details of these can be downloaded here.
  5. Skills For Care have produced another film and resources about the importance good information use in social care organisations. The guide (avaialble here) covers information being fit for purpose, helping better continuity of care, supporting safeguarding, promoting transparency, making cost savings and helping your organisation stand out from the crowd.