Connecting Care bulletin - January 2016

We round-up of the best technology and social care news from the last few weeks. This bulletin is produced by Lasa for our Department of Health funded Connecting Care community project. Follow us @LasaICT.

  1. Connecting Care news from Lasa

  2. It's a bumper edition of our Connecting Care news bulletin as we bring you the news stories and developments in technology and social care that have interested us over the last two months.

    We've recently updated two of our most popular pages with fresh links and content for you. Firstly the page on support for Activities Co-ordinators here : 
  3. and secondly the page on developing your organisation's technology plan here: 
  4. Technology News for Social Care Organisations

  5. Not-for-profit, care provider Anchor recently produced a report, envisaging how residential care homes and villages may look in the future. The report explores how future care homes will need to have technology embedded and how residents should be able to access 'living well' activities on tablets and smart phones. View the full report here.
  6. Looking forward just at 2016, here are eight industry leading trends in digital healthcare services predicted to become more widely seen this year.
  7. We like this blog post from Alice Osborne of Active Minds which looks at some the opportunities possible through an increased use of technology in care homes. Are robots the answer? Can apps, smart phones and tablets help residents to live well? Can technology reduce paperwork? We think yes! Care homes need to see the benefits of technology, not it's hurdles.
  8. It's not just about looking to the future of technology, the IT equipment your organisation uses and the procedures currently in place matter just as much. Information and Data Security is an area too often overlooked, so this new free guide from Idealware has many useful tips and practical suggestions about keeping your IT systems safe and protected.
  9. In December we hosted a webinar about Microsoft Office 365 and how charities can make the switch to cloud working using Office 365 as a replacement for their hardware infrastructure. In case you missed it, video and slides of the webinar are available on our site: 
  10. Thank-you to @LasaICT @coopsys for the webinar on Microsoft Office 365 this afternoon, was very useful!
  11. Lasa webinar: User Generated Content. Are you having a hard time coming up with engaging content? Are your supporters not responding to your social media posts as much as they should? Video and slides of new webinar with @sounddelivery now on our site at 
  12. An announcement from Martha Lane-Fox in December outlined her four recommendations to the National Information Board about how the NHS should focus it's efforts on digital in healthcare. Realistic? Relevant? Or just aspirational?
  13. This chart caught our eye. Not directly related to the voluntary sector, but we do wonder how many IT projects or purchases are postponed in social care charities because senior management or trustee boards fear this being a reality in their organisation?
  14. 70% of executives see digital transformation as “a gamble” according to new Fujitsu study
    70% of executives see digital transformation as “a gamble” according to new Fujitsu study
  15. This commitment of $1 billion of software and cloud services by Microsoft to charities is set to benefit many organisations. Access to Microsoft Operating Systems and Office Software has been possible for some time, but it's worth checking this our for some of the other products included such as Microsoft BI (a comprehensive Business Intelligence dashboard) or Enterprise Mobility (for mobile device management and security). Full details are on the Microsoft Donations page (just type in United Kingdom in the box)
  16. Living Well in the Digital Age

  17. Just before Christmas John Popham interviewed delegates at the Dementia North Wales conference about their use of technology for living well. John says "I believe that the power of the internet to bring people with similar issues together, and the availability of digital tools to enable people to tell their stories are powerful mechanisms for assisting people to take control of their own health, influence their treatments, and increase understanding of the development of conditions."
  18. @johnpopham on a truly inspirational day of helping people tell their own stories at Dementia North Wales meet up. 
  19. This recent report from Age UK shows clearly just how many older people are on-line and off-line and how a move to on-line public services could leave some of the poorest pensioners without the vital support they need. It urges provision of sufficient support for those who are ‘off-line’. Those less well off older people are even more disadvantaged.
  20. Alzheimer Scotland launched their Technology Charter in December. It is a call to action for the delivery of health and social care to people with dementia to incorporate and promote the use of technology; helping people with the condition to live healthier, safer, more active and more confident lives as valued citizens. It also seeks to raise public and professional awareness of how technology can enhance lives, promote independent living and assist and complement care and support.
    Find out more here or you can download the Technology Charter here.
  21. Q: How can technology help people with dementia? 
A: Check out the new Technology Charter
    Q: How can technology help people with dementia? A: Check out the new Technology Charter
  22. Apps & Social Media

  23. The performance of every care home in England can now be compared on an NHS website. Homes have been added to My NHS, part the NHS Choices site, allowing users to leave ratings and reviews to help other people assess services.
  24. Care homes in England added to My NHS, allowing users to compare services. 
  25. How does your charity communicate on social media with it's supporters and members? Maybe this infographic is already close to how you work, or maybe it will give you some ideas for what you could be doing and who in your organisation should be doing the communication work to reach your intended audience.
  26. Training, Events and Consultations

  27. Our round up of forthcoming events, training and webinars for social care organisations interested in the use of digital technology.
  28. Skills For Care in partnership with the National Information Board are running two events titled "Let's get digital in social care – leadership summits for private, independent and voluntary sectors". These are taking place in Manchester (25th February) and London (4th March) asking the question "Is your organisation ready to meet the ambition of Government to become paper free at the point of delivery by 2020?" Connecting Care will be presenting at these events, where we also hope to feature appearances from some of the organisations we have worked with on this project talking about how their IT systems have been transformed.
  29. The Skills Platform have some great e-learning opportunities covering the Care Certificate available here.
  30. Other skills development opportunities we've noted recently are:
  31. Discounted, donated and volunteered technology support

  32. If you are looking for skilled IT volunteers the REACH website, enables charities to connect with skilled volunteers offering help on technology, marketing and communications, finance and so on.

    Charity IT Association - need an IT volunteer? If you have an IT project needing help to get it off the ground - a website, database, setting up WiFi, etc - volunteer IT professionals can be a good resource. Get started with a free 2 hour consultation with an IT professional via the Charity IT Association and partners. Book here.

    Technology Trust: Software and web services donated to registered charities by Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and many others. Find out more about the work of the Technology Trust below.

    Low cost computers and laptops: Two providers working closely with the voluntary sector are Happus and Computer Recyclers who both provide low-cost 2nd user PCs to charities and individuals on benefits. Deals start on PCs from £99 and Laptops from £149. Accessible keyboards, discount price broadband packages and tablet devices are also offered.

    Computer Recyclers are also part of the Microsoft backed 'Get On-line At Home Scheme'.
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