Saigonphone released REVO HD 4 + with REVO smart phones are really cheap stir smartphone market. With REVO HD 4 +, has gradually improved and released cheap smartphones equipped with cameras 12.0 MP CPU up to 4 cores.

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  1. REVO HD 4 + is the most advanced smartphone of in early 2013. And this promises to become the pinnacle of technology with beautiful design and strong durability and matching can say the same high-end smartphones on the market which direction to utility customers

    Price from 5.4 million down to 4.9 million and gifts up to 1500,000

    * Give back wall high-400k, stickers screen 100k and 1 extra battery sim 300k 1 700k account.

    Incentives warranty

    - Touch Screen 12
    - Charging the headset 3 months

    Amazingly thin and light design
    With up to 5-inch screen, but REVO HD 4 + remains almost the same magnitude compared to the credibility REVO HD NEW. Senior Bezel metal rim around the body makes the machine capable of more but certainly no less luxurious

    The strong processor 4

    MTK 6589 chip 4 cores powerful 1.2 GHz, REVO HD 4 + will give users an extremely smooth operating performance and smooth, while ensuring energy consumption to maximum because the chip is actually quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 for the heavy task to resolve things more gently, helps balance between battery life and performance of the device.
    Moreover MTK 6589 also has the ability to process 3D images twice as fast compared to previous mobile processors that typically MTK 6577 Dual Core. Gaming experience or enjoy the entertainment features on REVO HD 4 + will be better than ever.
    REVO HD 4 + is equipped with 5-inch full HD wide-screen, pixel density screen that offers higher than REVO HD NEW. With this pixel density, the ability to display the details of the REVO HD 4 + has surpassed the ability to distinguish the human eye. To the characteristics of the reconstructed image with vibrant colors of the Super HD screen, the image displayed on the REVO HD 4 + will become extremely bright and sharp.
    Even sharper, wider viewing angle, brighter, but the new screen technology also saves power by 25% compared to the older generation. In addition, screen HD Super REVO HD 4 + is also equipped with ultra-touch technology. Users can easily touch and stroking the screen with gloves similar to the Lumia 920.

    Camera 12 "dots"
    With up to 12 cameras to "stop" the same sensor with flash and autofocus up to 4096 x 3072 pixels. REVO HD 4 + will give you great images as you're shooting with a professional camera. Rear flash, and auto white balance mode will help the machine can shoot in low light conditions. In addition, the REVO HD 4 + also has front 5.0Mp camera is your workhorse.

    Battery health
    2000mAh battery capacity improvements in hardware and software that can help REVO HD 4 + maintain their normal use for about 2 days. In video mode, the machine can achieve eight hours of continuous.

    The latest operating system

    Once launched, REVO HD 4 + has been integrated Android OS version 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. OS Jellybean version with many more exciting new features to help users manage resources effectively and higher security. For example, can use multiple user accounts, each account will be a set of different resources (like Windows users). Or as features predicted from the virtual keyboard, voice input more accurately.