Montco, Bucks locals tell experiences of Friday storm

Powerful thunderstorms swept through the area Friday evening, knocking down trees and power lines and dumping several inches of water on the area.


  1. Dozens of Lansdale residents, as well as television news stations, stood in front of Barrow"s business on Friday evening and Saturday morning to see an uprooted tree that fell on his neighbors" home around 6:37 p.m. Friday, causing major structural damage.

  2. The Damage

  3. Matt Gregs of Lansdale was able to capture a photo after a tree had fallen on his home Friday and then a second photo once the tree had been removed.

  4. However, Gregs wasn't the only one suffering from storm damage in the area.
  5. Locals worried that perhaps this was more than a storm. Maybe it was a tornado. @Blachole later tweeted to The Reporter.

  6. Meteorologists later confirmed that a tornado had not touched down in the North Penn area.

    "Dan Pydynowski, senior meteorologist at AccuWeather, confirmed no tornadoes touched down within our area."- From story by The Reporter

  7. At one point, the storm seemed to have passed. Then, residents began tweeting about a "round two" of the storm.
  8. Local resident tells story of the storm

    By Mark Redner

    Submitted to

    It was bad. Really bad.
    Especially when I realized that my kitchen window was wide open, and  rain was pouring in.

    As I rushed to close it, I realized the fan stationed on my kitchen table near the window was drenched. So I went to turn it off and received a terrible electric shock.

    As I jumped up in reflex, I slipped on the wet  floor and slammed my big toe on the kitchen table, breaking it.

    Then the electricity went out and my cordless phone went dead as I was calling for help. I limped through a darkened apartment to my bathroom to grab my iPhone from the back of the toilet.

    The phone slipped from my  hand and I heard a loud, wet, plop. Right into my toilet.

    I slumped to  the bathroom floor, a beaten man and waited for the electricity to go back on. When it finally did, I limped out of the bathroom, out my apartment door, down the hall steps and out the door to get in my car and go to the emergency room and found this…