Locals react to Netflix rate change

When Netflix announced the company was changing its subscription rates, local subscribers weren't happy.


  1. When Netflix announced Tuesday via the company's blog that rates were going up, subscribers got angry.
  2. In the past, customers have been able to order one DVD out at a time and watch streaming movies and TV shows for $9.99. However, under the new rates Netflix is splitting the DVD + streaming deal at a $7.99 cost for each service.

    Next month customers who subscribe to the one DVD + streaming will pay a combined fee of $15.98 and $19.98 if the customer wants to add a second DVD to the subscription.
    Prior to the rate increases a two DVD + streaming subscription was only $14.99.

  3. In a little over 24 hours, the company's Facebook page post, announcing the rate change, gathered nearly 40,000 comments.

    Many comments included long paragraphs of angry rhetoric while others simply wrote "CANCEL" in capital letters.