Encouraging Community Participation: A Language, Education and Development CoP Event

Join us as we explore what it means, and what it takes, to see communities participating in language, education and development activities. ( 17-19 May 2017, Bangkok)


  1. New photo by Lead Languageimpact Asia
    New photo by Lead Languageimpact Asia
  2. A community discussion - how can we encourage more participation in planning and activities?

  4. Sue helps everyone start thinking about good practices to increase community participation.
  5. We consider the "Continuum of Participation" taken from the book When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert.
  6. Some of the Good Practices that were talked about:
    Believe all have something to share, be humble, listen well, leave space for reflection, learn together, eat with the community.
  7. Matt illustrates how to categorize subgroups in different ways.
  8. What We Want Our Children to Know: The purpose of this tool is to help a group of people think about the things they desire the next generation to know and do. It helps a group to identify what things from their culture they value. It also helps them identify the things from other cultures that they desire for their children to know. It should be followed by a planning tool such as Appreciative Inquiry. Its is often preceded by one of the Domains of Language Use tools.