Silicon Hills Weekly Tech Roundup

Technology news from the week of Jan. 22 to Jan. 29th in the Austin and San Antonio region known as Silicon HIlls.


  1. San Antonio is one of the hottest markets for technology hiring in 2012. It's on the chart with other tech meccas like San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Seattle and New York. And interestingly, Austin is not among the top cities, according to this chart. 
  2. Maybe it has something to do with salary ranges. Workers are cheaper in San Antonio because the cost of living is less than Austin. Meanwhile, Austin's tech workforce have seen their salaries soar. 
  3. The Austin Technology Incubator made a lot of news this week. First, the ATI announced its Launching Pad program had helped to bring 13 new companies to the city.
  4. Biotech companies in San Antonio are having trouble raising money to invest in new ventures. 
  5. Interesting story in the Austin American Statesman on a game development company 
  6. Austin American Statesman Technology Reporter Lori Hawkins wrote about a contingent of Austin tech companies accompanying the mayor to visit London's "Silicon Valley"
  7. Excellent profile this week of William "Whurley" Hurley, founder of Chaotic Moon, by Silicon Hills News contributor Susan Lahey
  8. And the Austin Chronicle penned a story on tech creations that scares them. It's pretty funny. Whurley's "Board of Awesomeness" is featured.
  9. Forbes had an interesting story on Austin's push into car development 
  10. Austin American Statesman Technology Reporter Kirk Ladendorf writes an interesting profile of Broadway Technology