How has working with children become such an awesome career choice for young people?

Most young people are a the crossroads of choosing a lifetime career. A career guidance program will help them decide what they want to do. However, they have not realized that an awesome lifetime career waiting for them is working with children.


  1. Careers that have direct impact on working with children

    Education stands as the most common job involving children. Starting from the preschool way up to the elementary level, children are the main core of the job.
  2. · Public School Teacher
    Public school teachers educate children on age-appropriate social skills and academic curricula.
    · Pediatrician
    Medical doctors areamong the highest paid professionals who work with children in diagnosing andtreating diseases, illness and injury.
    · Child Psychiatrist
    Child psychiatrist diagnosed,treat and prevent children’s mental illness and disorders.
    · Child Psychologist
    Focusing On analyzing troubling behaviors in children, child psychologists developed programs to alleviate behavior and thought processes.
  3. Ladybird Milestones | Friendship and Play (3 - 5 years)
  4. A career in childcare is for you

    Childcare work consists in providing and supervising children in their residences or in the centers.Here is everything you wanted to know about this exciting profession. With the right kind of study and appropriate training, you can be successful in many available child care jobs.
  5. 1. Considering job outlook
    For the past fiveyears until November 2019, childcare jobs have great expectancy rising from 149,600to more than 188,600. The vacancy level of employment is very high.
    2. Average salary
    Salaries are variableas it depends on the location of the Center and the currentlevel of job experience.
    3. Working hours
    Weekly working hoursfor full-time workers in this occupation is 37.0. Childcare employment isavailable as full-time, part-time or casual.
    4. Age groups

    Age positions are well represented withhighest in the 25-34 age brackets with 24.3% of workers. There are 9.6% of workersolder than 55 while 11.5% are younger than 19.

    5. Educational level

    The highest educational attainment achieved by most people working in this profession is in Certificate III/IV,with 33.6% of the total. Around 27.3% of Childcare employment jobs have Advanced Diploma / Diploma.
  6. You need certification -

    · Diploma of Early Childhood Education And Care
    After taking this course, you can supervise and manage early education and care for children. You Continue to establish safe and healthy environment as well as design and evaluate children’s programs.
  7. · Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
    This is suitable for those who are seeking to formalize their knowledge in childcare and train new entrants to get started in Childcare.
    · Certificate III in Education Support
    This newly recognizedqualification will qualify you as a teacher’s aide.
  8. Study child care online -

    Childcare courses are delivered online, giving those pursuing the course flexibility of organizing the study around their lives. They can enroll anytime and study at your own pace. Click to infographic for more information.
  9. An awesome career choice working with children

    You will never have a dull moment working with children. You will watch children grow and gain confidence because you inspired them to believe in themselves. You will earn their trust by making them feel secure and happy. There is also an inner feeling of accomplishment that even in some small way you have made a difference to a child's life. The work is daunting but the rewards are immeasurable!This amazing article was brought to you by the leaders in Child Care Recruitment and Child care Jobs London