The Fundamentals of Full Lace Wigs With Lace Foundations

In the wide world of lace wigs, lace weaves, extensions, and other hair enhancements, Lace Wigs are some of the most versatile products of all.


  1. In the wide world of wigs, weaves, extensions, and other hair enhancements, Lace Wigs are some of the most versatile products of all. Lace Wigs are built upon a base made up of lace fabric, with either natural or man-made hair being stitched to this foundation piece by piece.

    Full Lace Wigs include a lace underpinning that covers the full area of the scalp, while other kinds include only a partial base. For someone looking for the fullest, most natural hair appearance, the former typically makes more sense, as the full base will conform closely and attractively to the contours of the head it rests on. On the other hand, having a full base means that a range of styling options become impractical, since pinning hair up or putting it in a pony tail, for example, would reveal the underlying lace base.

    For that reason, wigs with strategically designed partial bases are quite a bit more common. Depending on the extent and location of the base, such wigs can allow for a variety of styling options, making many of them quite versatile. At the same time, the existence of the lace base helps to preserve their appearance and overall naturalness, even if they do not excel in these respects to the extent that those with full bases do.

    Someone looking into this kind of wig, though, should first think about what kind of styling will be attempted. Because wigs with partial bases vary quite a bit in terms of the location and extent of those foundations, picking one with the most suitable characteristics is the best way of all to ensure a satisfying purchase.

    Someone who expects to put the wig up into a ponytail frequently lace wigs, for example, will want to be sure that any wig that is considered has a base that will allow for this without problems. Likewise should someone who is interested in styling that would reveal the sides of the head make sure that the base of any wig under consideration does not extend overly much in those areas.

    While that may sound difficult to do, specialized providers like Volure Hair Boutique typically strive to make it as easy as possible. Their online shops often go into details like this extensively, making it much easier for shoppers to decide if a given wig will suit their purposes. Even where they do not, a quick question to a customer service agent or an in-store representative will often reveal whatever a wig shopper might want to know.