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There is no "traditional" route to a career in science. Each of us has had unique experiences and struggles that we dealt with which shape who we are.


  1. My twitter reflections came after seeing the back and forth going on the internets concerning @Mireyamayor's keynote at #scio12. In particular The post, Mireya's response and the ensuing thread at Thus Spake Zuska.
  2. Andrea Kuszewski tweeted some remarks that I felt didn't do the aforementioned conversation justice, but reflected upon her personal experiences in dealing with gender issues online.
  3. The conversation continues between Andrea and the twitterverse. But I thought the lessons of Mireya's talk were lost amongst the chatter on Zuska's blog and twitter.
  4. So I openly opined that perhaps we need to be better at recognizing the diversity of our experiences. We all struggled in one or another to get to where we are. The result? An awesome group of people that I've grown to love and respect in SO many ways over my 5 years of being a member of this amazing community. Thus, #IamScience was born! I was shocked by the response!